Amazon Echo: Rich in Features

You know, the Internet has been one of the most powerful inventions of the human race. Hardly a few decades back we struggled to communicate with each other and today we are on the verge of an explosion of new technologies based on the internet almost on a weekly basis.  Internet is really powerful. Amazon Echo is one such beauty which taps the power of the internet and does so many beautiful things around you that you never come to know when did Amazon echo with Alexa integrated itself with your personal life. Continue reading “Amazon Echo: Rich in Features”

Amazon Echo Dot: Dynamo speaker

Have your already Echo dot set up at your home? No? OK you have not yet lost anything. Echo dot best buy is still available at Amazon. But the question is which echo you should buy? Is Echo dot 1st generation the best buy available? Or you are good with Echo dot 2nd generation?

Want a richer voice than ever? Or you think music is boring with your old speakers? Here it is Amazon has just introduced it claimed most popular voice-controlled speaker. Yes, you heard it right. It is Alexa Echo dot that Amazon has just launched for the music lovers and tech enthusiasts. It is not just beautiful and classy, Echo dot set up is very easy.

It is not just voice controlled speaker

Just don’t think it is voice controlled speaker. Speaker seems an unjust word for it because, with the capabilities and design it has, it is far better than that. With the new fabric design and improved speaker, your ears are going to be a big admirer of this small device. The richness of the sound is loud enough speaking for the quality aspect, the speaker carries.

Amazon Echo Dot Reviews
The reviews have it all!

Not just music.

With it, you cannot just control the music with the command of your voice; Amazon has the whole array for applications for you. You just name the artists or a song or a genre to the speaker and it smartly finds and plays it for you. The sound is not just sound, it is an experience. If you want even the more rich experience of music, you can install other speaker and woila..You have a rich stereo sound around you.An Echo dot set up is ready to rock your surrounding with its crisp and quality music.

Is Alexa really smart?

Alexa is smart, very smart. It just not plays the music for you. Try it and you see it how helpful it is. You ask it to update the weather or ask to do the news read for you; it does that in no time. Want to run your smart home? Alexa Echo dot can help you in doing that. It is a powerful tool for you in your home. The Echo dot set up at your home can make your life so easy and way under your control.

Call a friend, set a reminder.

Do you want to make a call to your friend? No Issue. Alexa echo dot does it for you. Everything is done by Alexa; you can work on your job while taking on the phone. That is a multi-skilling you just did with the help of this tiny device.

Self-evolving Alexa

And as you keep on using your Alexa Echo dot for more time, it’s smart brain adapts to your speech pattern and vocabulary. That makes it even smarter and you find it doing even more job for you.

Enjoy your latest possession.