Amazon Echo: Rich in Features

You know, the Internet has been one of the most powerful inventions of the human race. Hardly a few decades back we struggled to communicate with each other and today we are on the verge of an explosion of new technologies based on the internet almost on a weekly basis.  Internet is really powerful. Amazon Echo is one such beauty which taps the power of the internet and does so many beautiful things around you that you never come to know when did Amazon echo with Alexa integrated itself with your personal life.

Amzon Echo loaded smartness

Everything is handsfree

Having said that; all you have to do it to say a few words (Meaningful) to this hands-free smart speaker and it brings whole information to you. Ann how it does it?

Amazon has multiple options here

Well, the algorithm behind this is a powerful Alexa. Alexa is a cloud-based voice service which brings you tons of applications for your comfort. Alexa is an intelligent assistant that offers a faster, easier way to get things done on your devices and owned by Amazon just like Apple has Siri.

As a smart assistant, What not Alexa echo can do for you?

Ask it to play a music track or just order to make a call to your friend while you are doing chores, check weather and news from around the world, Amazon echo has almost all the solutions for you.

Or you remember something important and you want to set an alarm for it, No problem, Alexa Echo does it that with so much easy.

Think you are on the way and just want your smart home light to lit on or turn those to blue, with a click the magical lights are changing the colours of your home!!!.

Amazon Echo Dot ReviewsThe Amazon Echo has outstanding approvals

The Technology Behind Amazon Echo

Actually, this whole smartness of Amazon Echo speaker lies upon the smart technology; Alexa has put into it. Amazon Echo has multidirectional seven microphones to form a beam-forming technology. Now, what is the beamforming technology, let me sum it here for you?


The beamforming technology makes it possible that the router transmits radio waves in your direction so that a  reliable, stronger, faster and wireless communication could be established. This is remarkable technology because the smart speaker keeps on changing the direction of the communication as per your movement in the room. This is how Amazon Echo always picks your voice no matter where you are moving in the room.  Interesting isn’t it?

The capabilities

One of the best capabilities Amazon Echo has about the noise cancellation. In a noisy room, as expected in a home, Echo easily hears you from any of the direction and from a distance. It will simply filter your voice from the irrelevant noise in the room. Ask it to do anything it can, and it can easily listen to you to do further needful. No question asked!!

 How life seems so easy with Amazon Echo compared to the earlier times when we had to go to our so-called hi-fi music system and struggle to find the track and play them. Not anymore!! Just ask for a song to Amazon Echo, your favourite artist, or a specific genre from your favourite music services like Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Echo has the capability and it delivers. Not just that; using multi-room music, you can even play music across multiple Echo devices at the same time a true Dolby environment with few Amazon Echo or Echo dot.

Amazon Echo reviews

The Alexa App is compatible with Android and iOS devices and you can easily access it via your desktop browser. The Amazon Echo has powerful speakers that fill the room with immersive 360° omnidirectional audio, and deliver crisp vocals and dynamic bass response.

Controlling your smart devices in Home

Amazon echo can control your smart devices too. It can Control LED lights of your home and office. But it has a small catch here. This is possible with selected brands like Philips and Syska LEDs. Not all smart devices can be controlled with it. Also, some of the skills and services are subject to change or they may not be available in all areas and you may need to go for subscriptions or other charges.

Ohh; what else Alexa can’t do? You order your food online, Amazon Echo does that, book a mechanic, place an online service, book a cab, Alexa echo means Business just done.

The journey has just begun

Don’t just get contended right here. Expect even more in the future in Artificial Intelligence (AI) based smart assistance. The journey has just begun because Alexa is always getting smarter with each passing day and it is adding new skills. There is much more on the way.

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